Suffering From Recession Fever? Here’s Your Vaccination

The newspapers tell you everything is crashing. Television reports speak only of doom and gloom. The stock market reacts to this news and goes up and down like an out of control yo-yo.

Don’t despair. There is something you can do about it.

First, turn off the TV. Don’t buy the newspaper. Turn your car radio from the newstalk station to some relaxing music.

Take a walk and look at things until you’re feeling better and the world doesn’t seem quite so hostile to you and your business.

OK. Now you’re ready to get started.

Let’s look at some facts. Current unemployment is about 7.7% in the hardest hit parts of the country. Stop and think about that for a moment. If that’s true, then that means that 92.3% of the population is still employed!

These people still eat food, wear clothes, drive cars, and even go to the movies.

Despite what the media might want you to believe, all of the money did not disappear overnight. People are still living their lives. Many are still living quite well.

A few days ago, Apple Computer announced its 4th quarter results with a gross margin of 34.7%. This was one of their best quarters in history. A key factor in their success? Sales of the iPhone – one of the most expensive phones available today.

Tiffany & Company, (the world famous jewelry retailer) reported its earnings for the fiscal fourth quarter had risen 40 percent.

United States sales of Maserati sportscars from Italy, have hit an all time high.

The point is that while times are more difficult than they were a year ago for many people, there is still a great deal of money to be made. Historians often forget to mention that many millionaires were made during the Great Depression.

The deciding factor for your business is what you do over the next few months.

The absolutely vital thing to do is to step-up the level of advertising and promotion for your business.

To your business success,


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