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Imagine that every month you could get together with your own marketing expert to discuss insights and strategies for expanding your business. Imagine you reviewed both online and offline strategies and discussed how to expand the value of every sale.

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Marketing Rocket Fuel is written by 33-year marketing industry veteran Richard Wilson for business people who aren’t satisfied with average company growth. Our subscribers want dramatic growth – even explosive growth. That’s why they read Marketing Rocket Fuel.

In upcoming issues you’ll learn:

  • What your greatest leverage point is for increasing response rates.
  • Where most companies drop the ball and lose tens of thousands of dollars in additional sales.
  • The dirty little secret that web designers almost always forget to mention.
  • Whether your guarantee will increase sales or cost you a fortune.
  • How to increase your advertising placements by 50% while increasing your budget only 20%
  • Why you shouldn’t offer discounts – there’s a much better strategy that works!

If you are looking to give your marketing, advertising, and sales activities a boost, you need Marketing Rocket Fuel.

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