Business growth comes from successful marketing strategies that are executed well.

It doesn’t come from just catchy slogans and pretty layouts.

It comes from getting into the heads and hearts of your customers to understand their real desires. And then it comes from communicating with customers in ways that produce optimum response.

Simply put, effective marketing is about producing results:  Tangible, measurable profits for each dollar you spend.

Zero to $45,000,000 in 24 months

A MAJOR ELECTRONICS DISTRIBUTOR wanted to establish a division that focused on selling computer hard drives. They hired a savvy industry veteran to lead the project. He turned to the Sentium team to develop an advertising program that would get results. Within a few months, the startup was highly profitable. With the advertising campaign running at full tilt, sales climbed to $45,000,000 in just two years.

Resuscitating a slumping email campaign

WHILE A NEW PRODUCTION of the musical Anything Goes was getting rave reviews from audiences and critics, the open rates of their e-mail campaigns were sliding. Sentium was called in and a new approach was created for the campaign. Open rates jumped from 15.5% to 39.3% – a 257% increase. The results were felt almost immediately at the box office.

Six hundred sales contacts in sixty days

A MAJOR NATIONAL PRIVATE LENDING COMPANY needed an integrated marketing program to generate new real estate investor sales leads. The loans provided ranged from $50,000 to $1,200,000. Sentium built a marketing strategy that included both online and offline marketing. Sixty days after the full program went into effect over 600 sales contacts were documented.

Winning approval for a 49% water rate increase

A MID-SIZED WATER DISTRICT had taken on $62,000,000 in bonds to purchase the district and build a new water treatment plant. The problem was that the district had not raised its water rates over the previous five years. As a result, a very large rate increase needed to be approved, and it would hit ratepayers all at once.

At an initial public hearing, angry ratepayers filled the room and spilled out into the hallway.

The Sentium Team was brought in to address the problem. A campaign was created explaining why the new rate structure was needed and how it would benefit ratepayers. This was communicated in a series of meetings, mailings to households, and news articles.

By the day of the formal rate hearing, only 37 people were in attendance. Of those, only 4 people asked to speak. And of those 4 people, 1 simply wanted to say that they thought it was a good idea. Twenty-three minutes after it started, the hearing ended with an unanimous vote in favor of the rate increase.

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A new name, new look, new website, and fill a new industry conference in 38 working days

OUR CLIENT WAS STARTING A NEW INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION and was planning on hosting their first industry conference. They came to us just seven-and-a-half weeks before the conference. They not only needed to get enough attendees to make the conference a success, they needed a complete image makeover. A new name was created along with a logo design and all-new image materials. A new website complete with introductory video was created. A compelling e-mail campaign got the attendees needed for a successful launch. The association is now the standard for ethics and professionalism for the private lending industry.

The package design that changed the look of solid state drives and helped Intel build a $200 million business

INTEL HAS ALWAYS BEEN A LEADER IN MICROPROCESSORS, but they were not the first to introduce Solid State Drives. Their product development team knew they needed to make their product look as innovative as the technology inside. They turned to Sentium for help.

Soon, a shiny black-on-matte-black design with a distinctive swoop was created. Unlike all other drives, it had a horizontal orientation. The new look created a buzz with technology reviewers and users alike.

Intel SSDIntel’s new SSD drive was an industry hit. It has received numerous awards, including Electronic Products Product of the Year Award; The Windows IT Pro Editor’s Best Gold Award; Flash Memory Summit Business Application, Best of Show; The Tech Report Edito’s Choice Award; and the EDN Innovation Award Winner.

The SSD division grew to be a $200 million part of Intel’s business.

Today, most other manufacturers have designed their products following Intel’s horizontal format. Many have tried to duplicate the look Sentium provided for Intel. Technology products always rely on new innovations to maintain their place in the market. A next generation SSD design created by Sentium will be making it’s debut in the not-too-distant future.