Finding the right selling message can improve response rates by 19 times. We know. We've achieved these types of improvements for our clients.

Today’s successful organizations need a more integrated marketing approach. A company needs more than ads which bring customers to their product.

They need a controlled pipeline that generates sales leads, converts them into clients, and then continues to sell new products and services for the life of the client.

It’s the difference between a single sale and the value of a client who buys from you for years.

Most advertising or marketing firms only focus on programs that build image or generate new leads.

In reality, a lot of business falls through the cracks. This costs most companies tens of thousands, even millions of dollars each year in lost opportunities.

Sentium focuses on your entire sales cycle — to the benefit of your bottom-line profits. This can be the difference between a struggling company and one that is wildly successful.

It all begins with an in-depth assessment of your company’s sales process — from the point where a sales lead is created to the back-end sales activities used to maintain established clients.

We then develop a systematic plan to strengthen any weak links and boom your marketing and sales.

In the process, we look at implementing a variety of proven tools that make sense for your company. These include:

• Advertising
• Direct response marketing
• Special event productions
• Internet marketing
• Sales enhancement programs

The result is a powerful blend of online and offline marketing vehicles.
Weak links in your sales process are located and strengthened to improve your success.

In all cases we provide effective programs that fit your current budget and expand with your company’s growth.

Are you ready for a strategic growth program to boom your business?

Contact us and let’s arrange a no-obligation telephone consultation to explore how you can start getting more clients, more sales, more often.